About Us

Conrad Geldenhuys has a BA LLB degree and has been admitted and practiced as an Attorney in Durban appearing in both the Magistrates Court as well as the High Court of South Africa.
He has specialised in environmental law and also has a National Forestry Diploma from Port Elizabeth Technikon which has allowed him to do a number of forestry audits as well as consult to commercial forestry industries throughout Africa. Conrad is contracted and utilised as a Legal Compliance Auditor and a process auditor for ISO 14001 and an FSC and Forestry Process Auditor by a number of certification bodies including the South African Bureau of Standards and NQA. He has over 3000 hours of auditing experience. Conrad also conducts numerous Environmental Training Courses including Environmental Legal Training Courses.

Helen Ferendinos who is a partner at Protocor has a BSoc Sci LLB degree. As well as being an admitted Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public, Helen has specialised in Occupational Health and Safety Law and assists our clients with Health and Safety Legal Compliance Evaluations, Health and Safety Legal Registers and Health and Safety Training.

Kaliope Geldenhuys, our Sustainability Specialist, has a BA in Environment and Development from Stellenbosch University. In addition, Kaliope has a Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability from the Stellenbosch University Institute of Sustainability.

Kaliope is a registered Carbon Analyst with the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. In addition, Kaliope has been awarded a Green Matter Fellowship, whose mission is to develop human capacity for biodiversity conservation.