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Core Pro Blue – The Green Solution


CORE PRO BLUE – THE GREEN SOLUTION wash is an alkaline Blue foaming liquid containing biodegradable solvents, grease cutters, emulsifiers and penetrates for efficient oil and grease removal.  It can be mixed with water for lowest usage costs and efficiency.   CORE PRO BLUE – THE GREEN SOLUTION, being an extremely versatile product, can be used safely on most surfaces for removing a wide variety of oils.

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*  Oil Piping, gearboxes, cables/ropes etc. * Greasy floors and surfaces in food processing plants specifically acid resistant tiles. * Kitchens for cleaning stoves, tiles, working surfaces, sinks, etc. *  Garage floors, forecourts and concrete surfaces  *  Wherever oil separation system are in use.  CORE PRO BLUE – THE GREEN SOLUTION    can be applied by high pressure foamers and steam cleaning equipment, or simply by hand with the aid of a cloth, mop or brush.


* Economical – concentrated formula * Free rinsing * High foaming * Easily dispersed into foam, high pressure and steam cleaning equipment * High solvency *        Biodegradable 97% at 28 Days * Improve oil separation tanks performance (98% of oil released in 20min)



For general purpose cleaning and degreasing: CORE PRO BLUE – THE GREEN SOLUTION can be diluted 10-20mls per litre (1-2 %) preferably with water (approximately 50ºC) depending on the severity of soil to be removed.

For Heavy duty degreasing: Dilute1:1 to 1:3.   1. Cover area to be degreased with the diluted mixture. 2. Allow sufficient time for the product to penetrate oil or dirt. If this is not possible apply the product with a hard broom or foamer. 3. Rinse with high pressure. 4. Warm water will increase product efficacy!


* Appearance : Clear blue liquid  * S G  : 1.03 Approximately * PH 20 % sol. : 12.2 * Stability : Stable to continued freeze/thaw cycles.

NOTE:  CORE PRO BLUE – THE GREEN SOLUTION contains free alkalinity, care should be taken on painted surfaces.  Aluminium surfaces may become dull after continued cleaning with COR PRO BLUE

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS CORE PRO BLUE – THE GREEN SOLUTION contains alkaline material.  Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin.  In case of accidental contact, rinse freely with water and obtain medical attention.