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Hazardous Locations -Explosive Prevention And Protection

Protocor recommends Explo Labs (Pty) Ltd for all your explosive prevention and protection requirements.


  • Testing and certification of electrical, electronic and mechanical (diesel-driven) equipment for use in explosive atmospheres (also referred to as explosion protected equipment, Ex equipment, Ex apparatus).

Ex testing includes the following types of explosion protection and equipment:

    • Flameproof, explosion proof, Ex d
    • Intrinsic safety, intrinsically safe, Ex i (also assessment of Ex i loops known as IS loops)
    • Increased safety, Ex e
    • Encapsulated apparatus, Ex m
    • Powder-filled apparatus, Ex q
    • Oil-filled apparatus, Ex o
    • Pressurized apparatus, Ex p
    • Pressurized analyser houses, Ex p
    • Pressurized rooms and buildings, Ex p
    • Non-sparking, non-incendive, type “n”, Ex nA
    • Dust-ignition-proof, dust-ignition-protected, DIP, Ex t
    • Special protection, Ex s
    • Ingress protection, ingress protected enclosures, IP rating
    • Fuel dispensers, petrol pumps
    • Cable glands, cable connectors
    • Mining machines ac, dc, diesel

Ex certification includes:

  • IA certificates for locally manufactured products. Validity 10 years.
  • IA certificates for imported products.  Existing internationally accepted certification based on SANS and similar or identical standards (e.g. IEC standards under the IECEx Scheme and CENELEC standards under ATEX Directive, Directive 94/9/EC) will be taken into account.  Validity 3 years.
  • Certification Mark for Ex equipment (new or repaired) under the CERTEX Product certification scheme or Mark scheme.
  • Training for equipment suppliers, manufacturers and repairers, plant, factory and mine staff, engineering companies and contractors.
  • Area classification to determine applicable zones.
  • Inspecting new or in-service Ex equipment in working plants to verify safety and certification status and potential for upgrading.
  • Management system for Ex installations in hazardous areas (Explostop).
  • Consultation on quality systems and quality manuals, in-house and company standards and procedures, and in-house and company training courses.
  • One-stop testing and certification service (e.g. testing, product certification, system certification i.e. ISO 9001, 14001, 18001).
  •  Presentations , workshops and articles on a wide range of explosion prevention subjects.