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Fluorescent Tube Replacement With Led Tubes

According to the National Norms and Standards for Disposal of Waste to Landfill published under Government Notice R636 in Government Gazette 36784 of 23 August 2013 Hazardous Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) – Lamps (i.e. Fluorescent Tubes) will not be allowed to be disposed of to landfill by August 2016. This means that the tubes must either be recycled at a cost to the company or they must be replaced with a non-hazardous alternative.

Contact Protocor for a quotation on replacing your fluorescent tubes at your factory with LED Tubes. Protocor utilises qualified electricians to do the work. Fluorescent Tubes must now be recycled.

For recycling of your fluorescent tubes contact RECLITE (click on RECLITE for link to their website) on 032 – 5258332.

The Waste Hierarchy places an obligation on all waste generators to where possible avoid the waste as a first option. So if you replace your Fluorescent Tubes with LED Tubes you will be substituting a high hazardous waste with a totally non hazardous recyclable waste. This would be the perfect objective and target to put in place.

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