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Protocor Sells Core Pro X Spill Absorbent To Ramsay Engineering

POSTED ON: July 23, 2016 IN Latest Protocor News
by conrad

Protocor is proud to announce the sale of CORE PRO X Spill absorbent to Ramsay Engineering in Pietermaritzburg to assist them with the control of any potential spills  that may occur on its site, CORE PRO X Super Absorbent is a unique absorbent made from recycled materials which were once destined for landfill. It has a much higher absorbent rate than absorbents made from Peat. Romaano Soni of Ramsay stated as follows: “We moved to this new innovative absorbent to avoid using peat containing products which are reducing  the peat found in peat bogs around the world. Peat bogs are one of the most effective carbon sinks that we have and we feel the need to reduce our impact as an organisation on this endangered ecosystem.”

Below one can see the CORE PRO X Super Absorbent being bagged at the manufacturing facility , being loaded and safely delivered to Ramsay represented by Romaano Soni.